Paedo-Credo Baptism Debate: Dr. Robert Strimple and Dr. Fred Malone

Dr. Robert Strimple

Dr. Robert Strimple

Dr. Fred Malone

Dr. Fred Malone

On 11 March 1999, Westminster Seminary (CA) hosted a fraternal debate entitled, “The Proper Subjects of Baptism.” Dr. Robert B. Strimple argued the paedo baptist (or Presbyterian) view, and Dr. Fred Maloneargued the credo baptist (or Baptist) view. The audio recordings from the debate are now available in MP3 format:

Debate Audio

Part 1: Dr. Strimple’s 40 min. opening statement (MP3)

Part 2: Dr. Malone’s 40 min. opening statement (MP3)

Part 3: 10 min. rebuttals and Q/A with the audience (MP3)

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